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Map of Central Park

Central park is a very large park that is located in Manhattan in the center of the borough. The park was orignally designed by Frederick Olmstead in the 1870’s. It housed stables orginally and still has a carriage house to this day. It is over 800 acres and has various interesting features. No visit to New York is complete without a visit to the park. It has a lot to offer tourists to the city as well as being a refuge and place of relative tranquility for city dwellers.

Some of the items that are located in Central park inlude a zoo, a resevoir, a lake,a jogging trail, a Conservatory garden and a Boathouse restaurant. It also includes a Swedish Marionette stage as well as a castle. Get a map of Central Park online to see it properly.

Using map of central park?

The park also has a number of large grassy areas that people play teamsports on. This is truly a park that has a great deal to offer. The park is a natural oasis in the center of a large metropolis. It is a place of refuge for city dwellers, and always has been. A map of Central Park is avaialable online simply by googling the term Central Park. Since the park is quite large it is helpful for those who want to spend an afternoon touring the park to download a map of Central Park.Every year Central Park also has Shakespeare in the park play which is an attraction for both locals and tourists. There are even horse drawn cabs, and pedicabs in the park. Those who are not familiar with the park may need a map to get to the location where they want to visit. One can look at all of the attractions on Central park.com.
For instance, some of the attractions are spread out over a distance. It is helpful to be able to locate such items as the Great Lawn and note the distance how far the zoo is from that area. Fortuanately, those that are tourists to the reason can easily locate the park since it is right across the street from the Gugenheim Museum.

Central park could be defined as one of the jewel of Manhattan. Those that want to see everything this urban oasis has to offer should get a map of Central Park to see everything. The park should have something for everyone, but in order to see all that it has to offer one should get a map of Central Park so they don’t waste any time. The park is probably too large to walk its entirety in an afternoon, but visitors can see much of it if they devote several hours to the task.

whether you are just out for a stroll, or want to see something specific in this park, it is a good idea to have a map of Central Park at your side. Take sometime and download one before you set off for the attractions in this great green space in NYC.

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