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Central park is located at midtown Manhattan New York City. It is undoubtedly the most famous park in the world covering 843 acres of green land. The idea of building a new public park in New York City came up in the 1840s and in 1858 the state legislature authorized the City of New York to use the land for building the first landscaped urban park in the United States. A design competition took place in the same year and thirty-three participants tried to win the prize hoping to become the greatest designers in the history of New York. Each participant had to include certain objects in the design of the Central park map – four or more transverse streets connecting the west and the east end of the park, three playgrounds, places for an exhibition or concert hall, a flower garden, a winter skating lake, a central fountain and a lookout tower. Map of Central park

The design competition was won by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux – both Americans and landscape designers. The construction cost of Central park had to be no more than $1.5 million dollars. The terrain was mostly swampy land surrounded by rocks which are actually the foundation of New York City. The Manhattan island was built on these granite rocks which act as a strong foundation for the skyscrapers in the city. The idea of reshaping the midtown Manhattan was well accepted by the uptown landowners who believed this would be a profitable opportunity. By the autumn of 1857 the city of New York had paid off most of the owners and cleared the park of most of the residents – most of them poor immigrants who had neither power nor influence. The granite rocks were destroyed using more than 166 tons of gunpowder, the swampy terrain was drained and 2.5 million cubic yards of stone and earth were brought from outside in order to completely reshape the map of Central park. They didn’t have all these machines we have now and everything was done by hand using pickaxes, shovels and horse carriages.

The Central park map starts at 59th street or so called Central Park South. The most exclusive highlights around this area are the world famous hotels Jumeirah Essex House, Helmsley Park Lane, Ritz Carlton and the Plaza Hotel. Many celebrity penthouses are situated around Central park South. The famous restaurants there are Mickey Mantle’s situated between 5th and 6th avenue, Whiskey Park, BLT Market and Sarabeth’s restaurant.

Central park is a truly impressive place where most visitors like exploring. One would ask a direct question, how can one explore the whole park without any difficulties? The answer to this question lies with the central park map. There are four types of these maps that help many people see what the park offers to them.

The first is Map and Guide to Central Park. The guide has information that can help navigate the entire park and understand all activities like sports. Some of the information which the plan offers includes information on the playground, location of all the buildings inside the park, places where one can buy refreshments and other active activities like horseback riding.
The good thing about this map is that it folds easily in the pocket, hence, can be carried everything. The sculptures in this central park map are in alphabetical order and are shown by brown dots. The reader is advised to use are magnifying glass when reading the information. The map goes to are extremely affordable price, $5.95. That is when one includes postage.

What is a central park map?

Another central park map is Central Park Map Print. The map was in movie theatres on January 20th 2012. It shows why the park is so unbelievable to most people in New York. The topographical colors in the map help visitors to see where physical features like the valleys and hills are located. It also gives other detailed information on where to find all the forty eight buildings. There is also tree map to show how the whole landscape looks like.

Unlike the former central park map, this map is large and has bigger prints. This makes easier for people to see more details of the map that are not seen in small maps. It also has colors which enhance easier viewing of both the heading and the content. On the other hand, the paper is of high quality directly ordered from the paper mill. It goes to a charge of $27.95, which is including postage.
The Interactive Map of Central Park is the third example of a central park map. The map resembles the Google Map. In order to view the map, one does some small procedures that are using a slider. Another procedure is by clicking the map using the mouse.
The plan has detailed information on location of buildings. The features include a number after them, example E80. The letter E shows that the feature one is searching for is in the eastern part of the central park map.

Where to buy central park map?

The Runner’s Map of Central Park is the last type. It shows sections which are labeled, with each one being color-coded. Information on paths that are distance in kilometers is also provided by this central park map. Other information on location of restrooms and public telephones is shown

Informative charts are in the back side of the map. One must understand that there are two kinds of this type, but all in all, they have the same information. The price is affordable depending on the version.





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